I’ve been missing from this space longer than I should’ve. How about we get reacquainted guys? My name is Wamuhu Njuguna. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger, lover of life and most of all inseparable to the pen and the paper. Yoh! I now have a new Youtube channel. *insert Lil’ girl clapping gif here*. 

We’re here because blogging is my first baby and I am not about to ghost her. This space also gives me a much-needed release for my thoughts. So yeah, this is for keeps 😊. Am wearing all the titles. It’s called balance, baby! Balance. What we need to do more this year. 

Here’s the thing, I had to re-introduce myself just in case you’re new here or maybe you forgot that I have this space. My fault really. I didn’t churn out a lot of content last year because 2019 was just that!! A year I’m glad is now behind us. I’m toying with the idea of writing a book about it. Who knows? 😝 

I’m a curious cat-how was 2019 for you? I was reflecting on the good and bad times in 2019 and it occurred to me that it was not that bad as I’d pictured it. Real talk. Was I at any point in a hospital bed? No. Did I die though? I did not. I got another shot at this. We tend to overlook the small things that actually matter.

 So yeah, you probably didn’t achieve what you set out to do in 2019. Big deal. That doesn’t make you a failure. Well, I am learning to give myself a second chance but mostly approach the second chance with strategies all written down and proper planning. Using more practical approaches this time. You might as well start with the sadaka now that I’m preaching. Lol.

I have so much to share down but we’ll spend too much time here. But you know what I’m gonna do? I have to keep a journal of the bad jokes, shade thrown, bad dates, relationships, who wore what to where and all that jazz. You keep reading my blogs Hunny and you’ll get the juice! You know how unapologetic we get around here, no?

But the biggest thing I’ve had to unlearn is just knowing that having negative thoughts is all normal. Being bitter for a certain period is totally okay. Hit a snag, embrace the feeling, learn from it and move on regardless. We’ve been conditioned to focus on the positivity and downplay negative thoughts. I think you can’t sweep the latter under the rug. Just gotta deal with those thorns or you won’t get to smell the roses. Just saying. 

In other news, I finally got around to that bathtub shoot I’ve been wanting since what feels like forever!! I’m sure you do scour Pinterest for DIY inspiration. That’s how I would describe this shoot. Guys, no kidding here, this was one of the messiest shoots i have done. From my hair shrinkage, makeup in water, not co-operating and threatening to divorce me. It was ALOT. The posing in water is also not easy at all. Silver lining? Soaking in hot water surrounded by flower petals to remind me that life is beautiful through all the tribulations we made it happen. Just in time as we begin to unravel a new decade. We are building more resilience, consistency and making shit happen. 

Cheers Fam to another year and another chance for us to get it right!!

Till next week 

Wamuhu with love



  1. I want more that was a good read.hope one day u start ur own podcast. Am thankful for the small things as well and thats what exactly my pastor said on the new year. Still waiting on the bathing suit shots 🙈🤗.
    Mob love❤💯💯👌

  2. miriam njoroge Reply

    The comeback is so much better,il need alot of cheering up and I’m looking forward to whatever tea you are serving…that tub and pic . ….can’t wait.

  3. Always a good read….don’t go in the woods again please….we missed you.

    • wamuhu Reply

      AWWW I owe you guys a lot.
      I am not taking any breaks any time soon.

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