The universe is awash with colour. One of those fiery ones has to be black, right? Black is beautiful; we get this a lot, don’t we?. The real question we need to ask ourselves is, `How do I feel about the skin I’m in?’ 

My concern stems from the fact that we’ve been conditioned to think black is associated with darker and not so positive qualities. We live in a world where light-skin is more glorified over the dark-skin.  Quick disclaimer- this ain’t about bashing any light-skinned girl out there or to be comparable.

But let’s just face it; It is what it is. How am I supposed to be comfortable in my own skin when,” Rangi ya thao” is what gets stuff done? Literally and figuratively. Do a random scroll on your Instagram feed and you’ll see that photos from lighter-skinned women often get more likes and comments.

How are we supposed to love the colour we’re in when it’s almost guaranteed that the light-skinned will get that job you’re equally qualified for? A good chunk of society has been accustomed to think when we marry someone fairer in complexion, our offspring will be more beautiful.  In all honesty though, can’t really blame them when all we know and see is the lighter your complexion, the more chances of ‘survival’ and better opportunities in life. 

So what does this result in? The ‘dark’ or ‘generously melanated’ decide to bleach her skin to achieve that lighter complexion and consciously or subconsciously get validated by society. And then tables turn- everyone starts throwing shade.

There goes the good old adage; you can’t please everyone boo! I guess this is a good time to remind you to do you and be you! The world gotta adjust. \

I’m gonna say it, don’t go to extremes to make the world like you or treat you a little kinder sis. Your hustle does pay off sis. 

I’m talking about this from a personal POV. I had this job interview many moons ago. I got cot the job alright. Part of the ‘congratulations you’ve hired speech’ entailed the guy telling me to put in 3x more the usual work or I won’t stand a chance. It hit me when I reported working only to realize I was the only dark lady at the workplace. Yoh! Darker-skinned people face a subset of racial inequality related to discipline at work, school. 

I’m strongly against we darker-skinned girls should not be pitted against our lighter-skinned sisters.  Saying ‘love the skin you’re in’ should not be how we fix the pain that comes from being passed over. That’s quite dismissive in my opinion. You can love what you see in the mirror but you can’t high self-esteem yourself out of the way the world treats you. It shouldn’t work like that.

To any black woman reading this, you are beautiful, you are amazing and you can gerrit!!! To moms and dads; tell your daughters she is great and valued not in spite of who she is, but because she is exactly who she is (Gabrielle Union). *Where’s the mic drop emoji when you need one?

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  1. Immac Irungu Reply

    Yaaaaayy beautiful article, black excellence. I love the shoes.

  2. Edinah Kangwana Reply

    Great write up…a beautiful conversation…keep it coming…
    Black is gold…black is beautiful…black girls rock.

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