A-Line glory

Its been an interesting week in +254. Especially with the presidential mates’ Debate that was a flop. Sort of. There’s a lot to be desired regarding Kenyan political scene. I am no politician though; I stand to be corrected. Matters weather? It’s been tad chilly. A rumor of sunrays here and there but we need to keep warm guys. I have this whole new idea on how we can achieve that. Stay with me.

Did you know that the A-line dresses and skirts were designed by the legendary Christian Dior? The uber talented Frenchman who is single-handedly credited with inspiring the 1950s fashion. The A-line silhouette was the most sought after in Paris! You have learnt something new today. And you’re welcome LOL.

An A-line skirt or dress is one that is foam fitting at the hips and gradually widens as it approaches the hem. The design gives one the impression of a capital letter A. What better way to feel very girly and romantic? Every girl should own this as it’s perfect to show off one’s feminine side. I have this bomb A-line dress that i have accessorized to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn. My two cents, this is one of the most versatile dresses you can have in your closet ladies! Fits perfectly regardless of body type, shape or figure.

I had to go slow on the accessories with one as the dress is such a bold statement on it’s own. You know those wardrobe staples any lady should have? A white collared blouse tops that list. I wore mine underneath the dress. So. Chic. So. Bohemian. I got that retro feel that instantly teleported me to the 1950s. A gold-detailed chunky-ish necklace seemed just perfect for the ensemble. Like it was just meant to be.LOL

Time is all you’ve got guys! Keep investing in a versatile  and chic timepiece. I just can’t seem to give this one a breather. You know what else is perfect for retro ensemble? A red lip. You know, just covering the basics . Just go with a shade that complements the color of your dress or has a sexy contrast. Black pumps have become this item that i seem just to grab and run with whenever. I decided to fancy them up a ‘lil with an anklet to keep that chic feeling going.

To sum it up you might think of keeping that make-up to a minimal; the ensemble speaks volumes on its own already. If you do not have the curves for the A-line dress to rest on, don’t fret honey. You can rock this dress by cinching that waist and creating the illusion of the sexy curves with the use of a belt. You can even opt a corset type of bodice to create a more proportionate look.

Brocade Dress- Vivo activewear

White shirt- Thrifted

Shoes by- InstyleKenya.

Makeup by- Facefab

Photo by-Royalreel photography.

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