I have been introspecting a lot lately; where I have come from, where this life is taking me. Juts the whole shebang. I am very passionate about my self-awareness journey. I hope it shows the kind of content I churn out.

You know that chapter that was too intense or lacklustre that you don’t wanna read twice? That’s how best I can describe my past self. 

She was quite naive (understandably so. I mean, lack of experience). The girl who sought external validation took in more crap than was necessary. 

So I decided to time travel a bit and talk to my younger self. And young ladies who are reading this.

  • Learn to say No. be clear and firm about it. No is a full sentence btw. 
  • Have a small circle of friends or learn who your friends are and who to talk to about what. 
  • Listen to your instincts. They never lie. This is scientifically proven. 
  • Those things you consider red flags? Don’t look the other way sis!
  • Stop with the procrastination. 
  • Journal and write your goals. There is power in writing. 
  • Learn to speak your sanity, but then again think before you speak. 
  • Flaunt your femininity, wear those high heels, red lipstick, wear dresses to work and show off your legs. All. Of. It. 
  • Do stuff that really scares you. Fear is just an emotion but if you let it ‘cripple’ you, you’ll never get anything done. 
  • Consistency pays off!
  • Don’t be an apologist just because you want to conform. Nah. Be unapologetic.
  • Walk away from drama. Nothing cute about being a drama queen. 
  • Get your paper Hunny.  Nothing feels powerful than having your shit together. 
  • You don’t have to be in an unhealthy relationship to seem happy. You’ll come out worse than you went in. Stay single, keep your sanity till you find your person. 
  • Practice self-awareness. This is the most important aspect of growing up. 
  • Love yourself enough to put yourself first. You don’t always have to solve everyone’s problems. 
  • We always have a choice. Always
  • You can’t please everyone. Quit trying now, if you haven’t. 
  • Read books, dinosaurs never read books. See what happened to them? Go figure. 
  • Don’t keep showing up even when you don’t want to. FOMO won’t kill you I promise. 
  • Life and the world owe you nothing, even your happiness. You create that. 
  • Hold on to your standards and never stoop low for societal pressure. 
  • Spend time with family and also understand that family is not limited to blood ties. 
  • There is power in prayer. Tell God everything he listens. 
  • If you place it in Gods hands leave it alone. He always got you, even when it doesn’t look like it. 
  • Simply don’t entertain what doesn’t build you. Learn to let go. If the meal is shitty leave the restaurant. 

Remember one more element. If you are not where you’re meant to be, that should be enough motivation to keep hustling.

Till next week


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    What an article!!! ❤️❤️😘😘 It just came at the right time when I needed it

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