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When I first heard of the term signature look, the first thing that came to my mind was, of course, the Signature brand of lipsticks. That, and the doodling we do on documents in the name of appending a signature. LOL. There used to be some lipsticks being sold for dirt cheap, ksh50. What happened to them anyway? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of those. I digress. I should’ve started with pleasantries. Where are my manners? How are you guys holding up? I hope you keeping safe, away from riparian land, aye?

Today’s all about personal branding. i.e creating that unique, edgy personalized look. A signature look is the epitome of an individualized style. A personal style elevates your mood. In other words, it’s what you should feel comfortable strutting around in. Here are some tips to help you find your holy grail:

  • Know your body type. The only way to figure out what pieces work best for you is to understand your body. Know who you are. Personally, I have always been a little bit shorter than expected by many. Don’t let the pics fool you boo. Your girl is a strong 5’3 e.g I do lots of high waisted pants because I like to make my upper body proportional to the lower body and they kinda make me appear taller. Win! 


  • Pick a colour. Ooh, I love this part. What’s life without colour guys? But not too fast, there’s a catch. The essence of personal style is wearing shades that compliment your complexion and body type. This is where most of us go wrong. What works is mixing and matching your favourite colours with other tans to get the perfect blend.


  • Stick with the classics. The wardrobe must-haves. These are your go-to pieces. They simply never run out of fashion. Case in point: white sneakers, white or black T-shirts, black leather jacket etc. And if you’re not the most trendy person, these items will really come in handy. Personally, Bodysuits are my classic pieces. I’m absolutely obsessed with the fact that they streamline my upper body and they make an outfit look neat especially when I need to tuck in.


  • Accessorize sparingly. For you to achieve a complete look, we all need accessories to just add a kick to your overall outfit. e.g watch to just keep that time in check or some nice earrings depending on the occasion. The thing with accessories is that if you (mistakenly) go ham, you’ll look like you’ve dressed up for some costume party. Minimalism is key here ladies.


  • Get-style inspired. Who is that person who you really look up for fashion inspiration? I feel like I spend way too much time on Chicamastyle’s page on Instagram. She makes me feel like I want to up my game every second. She just keeps rising (and setting) the standards. We need more of these trailblazers to help us improve on ourselves. There is also Pinterest; always has our interests at hearts. I call it the jack of all trades. What other style bloggers or personalities do you fancy? Feel free to share, I’d love to see what else is out there.

One last thing, a signature look should be able to transcend time and age. Incorporate that factor in your style to avoid always shopping for new items every season. But if you do that, you can always declutter your closet and share with the fewer fortunate as a way of ‘paying it forward’  I guess. As they say, give and you shall receive.

I hope these tidbits will be useful in creating your personal style or elevating your existing brand.

Till next week,

Stay safe lovelies!

Makeup by Facefab_ (Instagram)

Virgin human hair- k.lushhair (Instagram)

Tassel Earrings- Mrp

Long sleeved bodysuit-

Denim jeans- My collection

Mimosa coat-


Photo credits –

Location- Coffee Casa



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