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Ain’t this what makes the world go round? We’re all connected, somehow. No man is an island they said. This topic is gonna be sugar, spice and everything nice I promise. When it comes to the maters of intimacy, I subscribe to the ideology of keeping it all off the social media scene and private. I guess I’m old school like that. To each their own though. My two cents, such things should be between you two. Other people’s opinions all over YOUR business can be detrimental. Don’t come for me that’s just my opinion. We do have strong relationships that have thrived despite being put all over there, but I’m not one to take such plunges of faith.


Picture this (hey hun). Uploading all those cute selfies is all fun, games and love till you have to take all of them down because of break up! Hunny Bunny save yourself the hustle of deleting pics after the breakup. #hater. LOL. Unless he’s put a ring on it of course. That’s a different script. For some of us who have not served long-term relationships (yet), the ‘why are you single, with all the beauty?’ question is a tad annoying. This might be a surprise to you but there is so much than just physical beauty when it comes to a relationship.

I’m a lover, for a lack of a better word. A friend recently told me I love too damn much. Lol. Is there such a thing? Anywho, ‘loving too much’ is okay until hell breaks loose and you have to go your separate ways. And most of us are never mentally ready for this. That shit hurts like a mofo. Why would anyone want to leave such a beauty? Smh. Still can’t believe that people actually ask such superficial questions. LOL. I recently went through a heartbreak. Last year to be precise. It was the hardest thing because no one knows how to pull that everything-is-okay face more than me. “Mistress of Deception?”

The most devastating part is I never came to terms with it. I never got closure out of it. As women, we are wired to be emotional so I kept hoping and trying to make things work. And every time I felt like an arrow was being pushed through my heart. Until I came to terms about the situation, that’s when I just let go. Karma is a bitch for sure because I thought she was acting up on me for all the people I ever ignored lol.

Trust me when I say time is a healer. In retrospect, I now get it. Some things are not just meant to be. I now have a greater understanding when it’s said you have to pass through some things to prepare you for the bigger things. Thankfully the situation didn’t make the bitter woman but it sure got me some lessons. The biggest revenge is working on myself to be a much better person! Learn to love yourself just a little bit more to walk away from things that don’t do well with your spirit. Life’s too short Hunny!

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  1. Dan says:

    Wish time would fly faster so that I can heal or know what tomorrow holds form

    1. wamuhu says:

      Time flies you won’t believe how you heal but you have to come to terms with it.

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