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The greatest truths in life are normally the most unpleasant to hear. Typical, right? The sponsors and the blessers have been quite the buzz in town for a minute now. I think it’s a good time to share my two cents. The number of young women being killed because they found themselves in circumstances that could’ve been avoided is worrying. It’s heartbreaking to see young and very promising lives cut short in such dehumanizing ways. How long will this go on ladies?? I wish we could all learn from people’s mistakes. We don’t have to make them, you know?

Yo! We all choose our paths in this mortal life. Whatever floats your boat as long as it doesn’t sink someone else’s no? If you have a sponsor, am not here to bash you or try my hand at moral policing. You probably understand by now that the “contact” is short-term, nothing lifelong; How you ask? work smart honey, invest in yourself rather than investing in a lifestyle that you can’t afford if things took a wrong turn. What I have a problem with is the certain calibre of women who can barely get up and work because their so-called lifestyle is catered for. This statement is quite the anthem but it doesn’t make it any less true: there’s nothing more empowering to a woman than making your own money!

So things didn’t work out, the sponsor takes all his properties and cars back, someone gets killed in the process. Guess whose name will be splashed across tabloids and blogs? Yes, the victims. Everyone will judge the lifestyle you chose, people will even say whatever happened to you is exactly what you deserved. An ugly world we live in. Whatever you do, be smart about it. Leave before it gets ugly.

I know a friend of a friend. Let’s call her Felicia. She is the other woman, living in the submission doctrine and is at the mercy of an abusive sponsor who went on a punch too far. In my understanding, she wants to retain her lifestyle because she simply doesn’t work or well “she’s in love”. It’s disheartening.

Are we that greedy to get the hang of the flashy lifestyle? Please remember all that glitters is not gold, every action has its consequences. That’s how it works. All these could be averted if we just had the right type of mentors. Just maybe. I draw immense inspiration and strength from my dear mother. She raised us without the help of any man. It’s possible. The reason as to why I preach independence among women is because we have so much power to make it in life. All we need to do is tap into it. Why do I need a sponsor while I can be my own type of man? You know! The story for another day but stay woke ladies! It’s a cruel world out here.

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  1. I agree,you can learn through other people’s mistakes . These old men are the older ones can they learn to correct the young and say no to their advances? We will be in a way better position as a society.

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