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Many a times i do wake up in the morning and i have no clue what to wear to the office that day. No kidding guys! I am sure ya’ll can relate to this confusion. Ladies especially. You probably have a closet full of clothes enough for a small village in congo but you can’t figure one single outfit to work with. What is Life??

Full disclosure, i am the kinda lady who settles on an outfit after i have taken a shower. Not a second before. How cool is that? LOL. I just can’t seem to shake off this old habit. It’s a time waster though because i have to try on a couple of outfits before am ready to dash out. Where am i headed with this? Stay with me.

Fashion has the magic to completely transform the image of a person and present one as a style symbol whether it’s society or at workplace. This is an irrefutable statement we all try to live by, albeit most of the times inadvertently. Whatever you wear has the power to affect you psychologically and alter your moods. Basically, you should mind what you wear.

Today’s post is all about power dressing. Dressing for success. It’s cliche but i think we could all do with a bit of reminding, no? However, it has become increasingly complex to have a proper definition  of ‘power dressing’ as it all comes down to what’s considered the norm in an industry or region. I guess it’s also because power, by it’s nature is quite relative

In the spirit of channeling my inner #BossBabe vibe, I decided to layer a black sleeveless waterfall vest with a black button down shirt. In most conventional work environments, black is the go to color as it represents authority and power. I got that covered and decided to take the plunge and break the monotony with my orange pencil skirt. You can only have too much black going on at a time. I love this number as it adds an element of color to the overall look without really being on people’s faces. Quite subtle. Popping color, vibrant personality. We are who we are right?

When it comes to power dressing it’s all about being smart and oozing confidence. You need to strike a balance and ensure you have that sexy feel that depicts power. Sexy is relative. Sexy while being powerful is my absolute definition of that sexy feeling. Power dressing should not just focus on being sexy but also about looking the part. Pick out items that fit well and are uber comfortable. A wise man somewhere once said ‘you can never look powerful untill you are comfortable with the way you look’.



Lastly, your shoes do play a huge role in that power dressing business you got going . I opted for the classic black pump for this look with a red Louboutin-ish bottom. Some critics argue that if a woman does not take care of her shoes, she’s not capable of taking care of her life (how true is that though?) LOL. I dunno. Step out with well polished and maintained shoes, this shows you are attentive to detail.

Sleeveless waterfall- Vivo activewear

Shoes- InstyeKenya

Makeup by- Facefab

Photos by- Royalreel Photography.

10 thoughts on “I mean business

  1. Hae Wamuhu
    You just nailed this outfit and the hair is so on point.Could you Kindly share the details of the hair I.e how many Inches and wea one can get it.
    It looks reeeeeeaaaaaally good!

    1. Thanks Beaty, i got it from an online dealer……its an 18inch
      +254 712 789 390 that’s he’s number, he’ll sought you out….for more info you can hit the DM.

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