Hey ya’ll! 

How’re guys holding up? I’m gonna start this off by blowing my own trumpet lol. I’m patting myself on the back right now for being able to pick a pen and a paper and funnel my inner thoughts. A girl has not been doing good for the past three weeks.

Now to the elephant in the room. Or a tiny organism, to be more specific. We thought 2019 was an arse year, look at what 2020 just served us at the dinner table? God knows what I’m willing to give up to time travel to 2019. Never in my entire existence has church been closed! This is a first for me and most people I know. Does this count as a Guinness Book of Records entry? You know, because we’ve never lived through a pandemic and what not.

But for the past couple of weeks, my zeal for life and energy in general took a nosedive. My mojo went off to quarantine somewhere else. Without me. I’ve woken up more days than I’m comfortable admitting and did absolutely nothing at all. This new century was kicked off at a high. 2020 was gonna be the year of making things happen but yoh?TF is this nightmare we’re living through?

I am a book fanatic but I have not touched a book for the past embarrassing number of weeks. It’s been a season of ‘fighting off’ unhealthy food cravings (I win some I lose some lol) and having to pep talk myself into taking showers. Everything that was routine is so hard to naturally do now. Am not even kidding. We probably won’t need to talk about how my home workouts have been. It’s a tad obvious at this point. 

I know people have bigger problems out there. From simple things we take for granted like having to put a plate on the table, others losing their sources of livelihood as a result of the pandemic, being plunged headfirst into homeschooling your kids. From what I’ve gathered, teachers are heroes! Hands down, no debate. They deserve much more than what’s given to them.

You may probably be wondering where your next rent is coming from. You may be that child who has an abusive step-parent (heck, even biological parents) and boarding school has been your escape. You may be that partner that has been in an unhappy marriage but clubbing and your partner not being home 90% of the time has been your escape. My heart goes out to you. 

This is the time we all need to understand that it’s okay not to be okay. We’ve probably interacted with pressure of having accomplished something during the quarantine period. Don’t let people’s expectations get to you. What matters is that you go with your tempo, it’s okay if all you do is get out of bed. Feel what you gotta feel, positive and negative. Don’t put pressure on yourself but again don’t use it as an excuse. Put God in everything that you do, He listens.

Soooo I finally joined TikTok. I’ve always thought it’s for generation Y.  Boy, the app can really keep you busy and entertained! Check it out if you’re looking for distractions. Away from your phone, you can take a walk, therapeutic I tell you, listen to your favourite music, wash and wash your hands (it doesn’t matter if they end up being lighter than the rest of your body, keep washing), wear a face mask and keep the physical distance. Stay socially connected though guys (VIRTUALLY). 

We shall all concur. This too shall pass. Stay safe hunnies.

Till next week





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