Times are tough like hell! Taking that into consideration, how much money will it take for you to go back to high school? We’re not talking about the beef bourguignon for dinner kinda schools.  

This topic makes me nostalgic. Not in a good way though. What memories from that time do you still hold dear? This little pink dress instantly made me feel like a  highschooler all over again. Except for the length though, we couldn’t dare wear anything above the knee. We did have our skirts checked on parade occasionally; for them to figure out if we’d tightened or shortened them. SMH. Moment of truth (shouldn’t come as a surprise though lol) I got to be one of those who’d altered their garments a bit.  I’ll give you a second to guess what kind of punishment our ilk was subjected to. 

They tore our skirts apart from the bottom length all the way to the hips. It gets worse guys. This was done in front of the whole darn parade!!!. It was insanely mortifying.  Walking around in a torn skirt for the rest of the day also did a number on us. Part of me thinks that these teachers were spawns of naniii; the guy who we’ve been conditioned to believe lives beneath the ground lol. 

I’ve always been a fan of threaded eyebrows. Who knew that’s the space I’d grow up and love to be in? I didn’t.  Fun fact- in another life, I am a makeup artist. Still learning my ropes though. It didn’t just stop with the skirts guys. We were busy minding our business in a Kiswahili lesson and outta nowhere the teacher decided to check who had had their brows done. In retrospect,  that was the wrong mahn. It was right in the middle of a lesson and utterly time-wasting! Woe unto those who had their brows tweaked. You had to shave off anything that resembled hair so that they grow back afresh, unadulterated. Levels to the pettiness scale were unlocked guys. What’s the correlation between brows and solving algebraic equations? (I’m yet to figure out how to use this knowledge in doing my tax returns btw).

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though. We had better days. I’m talking about Saturdays. I was really big on Entertainment. So we had two kinds of entertainment; TV and radio. I loved listening to music and dancing.  Still do. Watching TV, not so much. Music is my poison. I got to the best dancer category in high school even. A girl got moves! Past tense though- old age is now getting to my bones and what not hehe. JK.

My worst days were going back to school after a mid-term break or re-opening school. I used to literally fall sick the day before going back. A condition we not so fondly called homesick. Let’s not get into the winter-like conditions that were our school environment. I schooled in Limuru, that’s all I’m gonna say, guys. 

High school was just flames. The Good Book tells us ‘in all, give thanks’. So I’ll call that part of my life a ‘life-time experience that came with both highs and lows’. We could go on and on about how eventful high school was but this quick glimpse will do for now. 

How was it for you? Let’s talk. 

Till next week


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Dress @keekyscollection

Shoes @instylekenya

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  1. Yeah memories… It was dope keep up.. I love the outfit from the dress to the shoes 😍

  2. Nice read wamuhu 💕💕i rem that part of skirts been torned😹😹luckly i wasn’t in that list.

  3. Ooh God…the memories…many are times tulipatana “common room” juu ya kushave the brows 😂…..and they used to shave them ALL😭….damn them…nkt

    • wamuhu Reply

      Hahaha, one time i denied shaving them and there is nothing the teacher could do.
      I was not ready to loose my brows.

  4. Gladys wairimu Reply

    Hehee high school life . Especially tearing up our skirts and inspection in our cabinets and boxes to see if we have grabos after academic days waaa!! Not forgetting how we used to run all-over.

  5. Wow, how the memories kept creeping as I read this .So relatable .The only difference is that I was a cop all through my high-school life so I was part of implementing those rules that everyone hated….Darn, I miss the privileges . Hot water,a whole bread everyday, special diet name it . I admit I never hated high-school as such ,Lol .

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