Modern day church girl

Hello everyone!


I am not an 80’s girl but i remember growing up, i had a sunday best outfit and that i could wear on sundays. Does that sound relatable? Probably yes,if you grew up in a typical African home. You wore your ‘Sunday Best’ to church. Because you loved it. And mostly because your mother said so. LOL. Times have evolved. We’re all grown up now and the good ol’ sunday best vibes are long gone. We have new vibes. There’s a millenial touch to what we wear to church.



This is for the girls who find it a lil’ hard to incorporate modern fashion and christian faith. It could be as a result of how we’ve been socialized. It’s tad challenging when it comes to striking a balance between whats fashionable, modest and appropriate for God’s sanctuary.


On this church-inspired outfit i layered a midi length tulle skirt. It hits right below the knee {perfect length this one}. It’s also not foam fitting. It’s basically that skirt that ‘just goes with the flow and gives you that easy breezy attitude when you want to stay cool and look super chic.


I paired that with an off white long sleeved crop top. Yes you can read that again. A crop top. Who wears a crop top to church? Issa hell to the No right?{pun probably intended}. LOL let me explain. I decided to shift attention from the ‘bad choice’ {read crop top} by throwing in a red belt on top of my skirt. At this point it’s also important to note that am not baring any skin. Because i was raised well lol. And the last thing you need is the faithful staring at you and your exposed tummy. it’s just tacky.



Lastly pair it with nude heels. I strongly subscribe to the school of thought that heels tend to elongate your legs making them look a bit longer. So why not throw in a pair of your fave pumps while at it? Accessories will significantly help in ensuring the look is ‘put together’. What makes a woman feel more feminine than wearing a beautiful outfit that perfectly emphasizes her best features? You can never go wrong with that ladies.


Crop top- Vivo activewear

Skirt- Thrifted

Shoes- InstyleKenya

Makeup by- Face fab.

Photos by- Royalreel Photography.

16 thoughts on “Modern day church girl

  1. Wow…I totally love.Now i know where to go for fashion inspiration when i have an event…so don’t be shocked tukipatana kwa stairs and i’m dressed like you head to toe????

  2. Wow wow wow!and how many times have i sayed those wows? I guess three times!!! right?and this because it’s super amaizing am loving every bit sweetheart! I should try this one of this fine days???

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