Office wear doesn’t have to be boring.

Hello good people. Hope your week has been fantastic. I don’t know what you’re wearing to work today but I hope It’s as dope as your soul. Let’s talk 9-5 fashion, shall we? Office outfits don’t have to be the norm unless of course you are required to be in uniform.

If you always want to stand out in the office, you need to rock confidence together with your signature look. The first step of making sure you do so is by picking out your outfit the previous day. At the very least, be aware of what to rock the next day before bed. When choosing an outfit, think about what people might say about you when you walk into the room. Make sure that you speak confidence and class from head to toe.

I’m totally in love with these green high waist pants. Here’s to why:

  • They have a formal silhouette that’s beyond classy
  • The captivating yet subtle green is a color out of the norm.
  • Versatility is galore! You can comfortably wear them with a bodysuit I.e seamless bodysuit or a simple top.
  • You can comfortably wear them with converse shoes or slip on.

I paired these lovely pants with a printed chiffon top just to add a colourful pop and an overall wow factor.

Chiffon top- Thrifted
High waist pants- New level (Instagram)
Strappy heels- Backyardshoes ( Instagram)
Hand bag– Nairobi Trendy ( Instagram)

Photo credits-

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