The polished ripped affair

Hello everyone. I hope ya’ll having a very productive week. Welcome to my second blog post. I think am already getting the hang of this. LOL. And feeling very productive while at it!

Now that the pleasantries are outta the way, let’s engage is some ripped affairs. Not what you just thought about. I promise. Do you ever wear ripped jeans and the struggle to keep the look put together is real? Your answer should be blatant YES! Le’ struggle to look ‘civilized in ripped denim is totally relatable guys.


Ripped jeans have that amazing and uber casual feel. However, making the entire outfit look put together and polished is a tad challenging. And that is what inspired today’s post. Full disclosure? I can rock ripped jeans monday to monday. What good are rules if they can’t be broken, right? Wrong! Hehe. But you know, this ain’t utopia and i have to conform to the demands of my work environment.

Thing  is ripped jeans has been in existence since dinosaurs learnt  to read (did they though?) .Regardless of this trend being around for centuries, ripped denim have proven themselves worthy of the time  they’ve spent in our  closets and must-to have lists.

On this outfit, I layered out my ripped jeans, with a turtleneck to add that edgy feel. That,with a chichi coat on top, to switch it up things for a more professional vibe. The chichi coat is a statement piece making it an accessory on its own.

What’s not to love about statement pieces? But here’s the trick ladies: keep things simple and sexy lest you end up looking like a not-so-attractive mannequin. That’s what pilling statement pieces on top of each other gets you. I am an ardent proponent of living a minimalist life. In this context that involves keeping your statement pieces to a minimum.


Top that with killer heels to give you that extra oomph and give your pants a dressier look. And voila! you have given your rugged jeans a polished and dressy vibe. That was the point.


Lastly keep your hair and makeup on point,when wearing ripped jeans, you want everything to look intentional instead of looking like you had no other choice. LOL you know? Now go be a badass with that ripped affair!

   Chichi Coat- Vivo Activewear

Ribbed Jeans- Thrifted

Shoes- Backyard shoes

Makeup by- Facefab

Photos by- Royalreel Photography.

33 thoughts on “The polished ripped affair

  1. This is my kinda look. I love it, it’s awesome! your eyebrows kill me all the time why can’t I get such ??

  2. Great people starts from somewhere and they build empires using courage and interest to climb up there,the right step,great work.

  3. Hey girl,
    U’ve come up with a very classy yet ellegant look. It can be frustrating looking for something to go with the ripped jeans. now i can rock them anywhere. Thanks for the tip hun.

    off to share with my pals.

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