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Happy end of the year btw!!! It is the last month of the year, most people ought to ask themselves whether they’ve achieved what they set out to this year. I know I’m doing lots of that the usual; intrinsic targets, materialistic goals, shedding weight, quitting the procrastination club, the 52-week saving challenge. Let’s forget all those pressures for a sec. I am immensely grateful for how this year has panned out and the fact that I’m happy with the woman I’m becoming. This reminds me of Michelle Obama’s Becoming. Has anyone finished reading it yet?

I digress.

The woman I’ve become goes a long way to becoming the master of this life. This gets up to the aspect of living passionately. If you are employed, you know how work takes a very huge percentage of your life and time. Do you love what you do? Is it something that you are passionate about? Life is so.damn.short not to. We really shouldn’t spend our precious few years on something that we can’t stand. Find your passion, it goes a long way. Truly

The workplace comes across as some sort of a game. It has rules, boundaries, strategies, winners and losers. Most women desire to create that ideal win-win situation but unknowingly we end up with the win-lose ones. And who forms a majority of the losers? Your guess is as good as mine. Women! It does get competitive. The belief that we must be for others rather than for ourselves is implanted so strongly that we are reluctant to explore the alternative. Which is value for competition? You’ve got to play to win or you’ll find yourself on the bench. Keep your eye on the ball it’s essential.

Women are proudly known for multitasking. Maybe it’s because we juggle quite a bit. We don’t really have many options on that front. Whether at work or at home. The downside of it all being that splitting attention between two tasks decreases the limited amount of brain power. Consequently, neither of the tasks is done particularly well.

I have a few hacks on how I try and create that elusive work-life balance. Maybe incorporating them will boost your brain power?

  • Be fully present. Find the golden hour when you’re most productive. For me, morning hours are the most productive. I strongly believe that my mind is always at it’s sharpest.
  • Unplug regularly. Turn off your cell phone and email notification when you’re working on a project or reading a book. This really helps trust me. If you can also try making a habit out of this an hour before bedtime that would be fantastic as well.
  • Ask for help. Delegate. It doesn’t hurt to ask for help with routines that don’t necessarily have to be done only by you.
  • Focus on whatever you’re doing or whom you’re doing it with at the moment. Remember we are human beings, not human doings. Enjoy the moment.
  • Know when to let go. You can’t pour any empty cup. Take care of yourself first. In case of any mistakes accept and move on. Learn to rise from ashes, like a phoenix.

Until you learn how to live a well-balanced life, then your not living your life. Hope you’ve gathered something from yours truly.

We’re all about being happier in our lives lovelies!

NB: The nerve connections between the right and the left hemispheres of the brain is 30% more highly developed in the female brain than in the male brain. I thought you should know. LOL.

All I wanna know now, after writing this article is where do I pick my honorary degree from? LOL.

Stay Sane.

Thanks for Checking in.


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  1. Wow! That is so powerful, women empowering is so important I love the take and I also admire ur achievements hun and the woman ur becoming.

  2. Nice one Wamuhu😙 Keep it up and I know you making it big time😊

  3. Kui Albert Reply

    wow,,,good vibe is all I got from this article sweetheart…
    Keep up the spirit girl….

  4. I think I met you yesterday. I must say I’m inspired,you are so humble.

  5. Grace Ndiga Reply

    Am not yet sure what am looking for but your website has become a safe haven for me the content that is out here is gold,thank you Divah you are doing a great job.

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