Suspenders n’ bows

Suspenders, or braces are suddenly cool again. Did you know that? I hope you do. If you haven’t, brace yourself for hotness! Wait a minute. Have you been living under rocks and you’ve just come up for some air? JK. Moving on swiftly….I love the ‘retro revolution’ going on across the globe lately. Trendsetters are consciously trying to imitate retro trends, music and fashions to relate with the attitudes of the past. This revolution is bringing back treasured vintage items that our parents  and their parents used to slay in. It’s a quite a fashionable way to relate to that generation.

It’s tad chilly in Nairobi currently your ‘winter’ outfits does not have to be dull and bland to match the weather. How about a cool pair of suspenders to brighten everyone’s day? Today’s post is all about showing you guys a really sexy way to accessorize this vintage item. I am not one to jump on current fads but braces are a timeless fashion statement that’s not falling out of favor anytime soon. So grab one if you haven’t already and let’s get today’s  class started.

Suspenders 101. You need to get your hands on a really sturdy pair of braces. A pair that can hold you together without snapping. I opted for a black pair that made me feel like i  had mummy-fighting gun straps on! LOL. They come in a wide range of colors so you can knock yourself out with that! Whichever shade you settle on, i promise it’ll be sophisticated . So much. Swag.

Suspenders 102. Lets talk accessories . We’ve already established braces are iconic enough on their own. with that, use them as a base to determine other accessories . I worked with a white collared shirt on this one. This is a wardrobe staple for any gender, age, height etc. Absolutely must have. But that’s not all. I threw in a bowtie to that equation . A red one to keep everything poppin’ and super snazzy! You can also switch that with a normal tie.It all comes down to what makes your boat float.


Suspenders 103. What is your ‘poison’? Skirts? Jeans? Capri pants?Cigarette pants? All those choices can be the base you need for this ensemble. I love me some fitting denim. I picked a blue sorta rugged-y high-waisted pair to work with. I love the fact that high-waisted jeans are so generous in keeping everything covered and tucked in.

Suspenders 104. Take it down a notch when it comes to other accessories i.e jewelry and shoes on this one. I already had my braces and red bowtie combo going pretty well so i figured a red lipstick will be the perfect match to blend everything in. I had a ‘barely there make-up’ look going so as not to dull the braces’ shine. I kept it super minimal with the jewelry too; just a wrist watch  and a pair of gold studs to match. I  think we should end this class.

Thank you for attending today’s class.

Till next week, i have been your teacher, Ms, Wamuhu Njuguna.

Outfit- Thrifted

Shoes- Backyard shoes

Makeup by- Facefab

Photos by-Royalreel Photography.

12 thoughts on “Suspenders n’ bows

  1. Hi dear…………….GOOD JOB establishing yourself ….the journey has for sure kicked off ( which is the hardest part) …..Proud of you gal !!!!!!!! Do it BIG for yourself …..KUDOS once more

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