The future is Purple

Ugh! Where are you hiding in this heat? How worse is it gonna get? *feel free to insert crying emoji here* Not to be dramatic or anything but I’m legit experiencing menopausal symptoms, you guys! Hot flashes, dehydration, fatigue. All. Of. Them. Anywho, the good people at the meteorological department promised rain from 1st April. So we’ll just hang tight and watch the rainmakers do their magic.

Let’s get back to regular programming, shan’t we?

How are you guys holding up? Another week has flown by since we last touched base on matters of fashion. Do you know what else is better than talking fashion? Celebrating women’s history month! We’ve come to the end of the “official” celebratory period but if you’ve been a woman for a minute (like yours truly), then you know the ‘party’ don’t stop. By party I don’t necessarily refer to just getting turned-party is whatever that sprinkles your doughnuts honey.

What my fashion doughnuts need at the moment is colour purple. I went out on a lil‘ research ‘rendezvous’ and asked my male friends what they really find attractive in a woman. One answer profoundly stood out to me. ‘Being a lady,’ he answered. That encompasses A LOT but we’ll focus on why incorporating ‘purple’ fashion items in your fashion picks will level up your femininity.

Purple is definitely a pretty colour but it gets deeper than that. It envisions ‘visionary thinking’ and futuristic ambitions. We’re about constructive feminism and gender equity and purple signifies just that. Nothing wrong with looking fly AF (in purple) while championing for your share of society’s big patriarchal pie, is there? This is a lady every woman should strive to emulate: stylish, confident with sexy contemporary feminism. That’s the typa woman I want to be when I grow up. LOL. 

A woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Who looks at her flaws as beauty marks and tiger strides. A woman who is independent.A woman who strives to get the corner office. A woman who has a list of books on her bucket list, the prayerful woman. The elegant woman. Perfection Isn’t her goal. The modestly dressed woman. A woman whose beauty radiated from within. She is feminine beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We’ve made major progress in championing for larger feminine footing in a male-dominated society and we ain’t gonna stop now. I’m not sure what your personal experiences have been but I’m willing to bet my pretty pennies that we can all attest to the fact that we have to work twice as hard to stay afloat. There’s a lot that needs to be accomplished, barriers to be broken.

Devising ways to continually ensure your voice is heard can be daunting at times. Wearing purple is a pretty good way to stay motivated. And let’s just face it who doesn’t look good in purple?

Till next time, stay hydrated lovelies.

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Sandal heels – MRP

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