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What’s good?

Long week, huh? Fuel prices going up, expenses soon to skyrocket. (*crying emoji very appropriate here) It’s too much. A student who had disappeared being found brutally murdered. MAHN. This year should just end already. And this week should stop dragging its feet.

On the bright side of life, better days are here- they’re called Saturday and Sunday. Time to catch up with friends over cocktails and some good food. What better way to show up than a black dress? This is one of the most basic wardrobe essentials in every woman’s wardrobe. We call it the little black dress but how little should be little? Your dress your choice, aye?

I love my black dress to just hit the knee to save myself the hustle of riding up and to keep pulling it down. Don’t we all hate this though? To avoid your dress riding up, get one that has a proper fit. Sounds easy, right? Too tight always rides up while you’re walking especially if it’s a pencil kinda fit. Better still, you can go for one with a slit because it has an allowance. Final (very useful) tip if you still like them short and tight, while walking, take slow steady steps LOL.

But it all depends on the occasion. You know what they say about going to Rome, aye? Ensuring what you wear is appropriate for that particular setting will save you lots of trouble and embarrassment. But again not too long for dinner dates and cocktails but heck whatever makes you look sexy and comfortable aye?


I hope this article usher was useful in elevating your LBD game. Stock up on that sexy LBD if you haven’t already.

Thanks for passing by.

Till next time, stay safe?


Makeup -facefab_ (Instagram)

Earrings –Mrp

Long sleeved Bodycon dress-

Sling bag- Keekyscollection (Instagram)

Shoes –Shoestruck (Instagram)

Photo credits-


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