The yellow bodycon dress

Hey lovelies!!!

Welcome to yet another blog post guys, this post is a major  milestone. It’s been exactly four weeks since i started blogging. Time really does fly, huh? You guys have been quite the motivation i must say.My sincere gratitude goes out to ya’ll. So far so good, this whole experience keeps me on toes and makes me have an agenda each and every single week. Am so stroked! I think every hair of my body is happy.

Enough gushing. Let’s get to work.

Keeping up with the spirit of happiness as we wind up this month, i am serving happiness, positivity and energy. You know, all the good stuff. Nothing inspires those virtues more than the color yellow. Or mustard . My 2 cents, I think yellow is the perfect color to bring out the fun, cheerful character that is yours truly. And why not ooze all that awesomeness in a yellow bodycon dress! What’s not to love? It also gives me the sexy boss lady vibes. The kinda vibe that makes one use these hashtags #I GOT THIS! #PAW! LOL.

Now, this is a foam fitting number. I must say it clings tightly leaving little to the imagination,but let’s focus on it hugging the right places. It goes  without saying that such a dress exudes some healthy amount of self-esteem and body confidence.

We can’t have enough  of that, yes? Ladies, here’s where you need to pay attention: the tight fitting nature of this dress requires you wear the right undergarments. No room for mistakes honey. Can’t afford to. I cannot stress this enough. Wearing such a bomb dress or anything really, the last thing you need to be dealing with are visible undergarments lines on the dress. That’s major buzzkill guys. Tacky.

I sounded like a lecture there. Hehe.

I layered it with a short faux fur shawl to add that extra oomph to the whole ensemble. You need a plus one for that sophisticated classy event, maybe high tea or something that requires high street fashion sense? Holla at your girl. However, i wouldn’t throw in that faux fur accessory for an everyday look, but it’s nice to switch it up things when you want to feel (Royal) and aristocratic-y. LOL. The key to remember when wearing the faux fur is not to over accessorize as it is a statement on its own.


Lastly i paired the entire look with animal print heels. What’s a dress without a pair of heels? Heels are an uber cool way bring class and sass all in one outfit without even trying. As always, in the ‘Fashion Bible’ your hair and beauty choices should be the icing of the cake. And boy do i Love this short hair do! I feel like am channeling my inner Halle Berry hehe, yes i just said that out loud. Always wanted to say that.

Fun fact: colors are significant player when it comes to first impressions. Add some pop of color to your bland outfits and overall first impression skyrockets! That really makes a difference. You’re welcome!

Happy end month good people!!!

Body-con dress- Vivo activewear

Faux jacket- Thrifted

Shoes – Backyard shoes

Makeup by- Facefab

Photos by- Royalreel photography.



7 thoughts on “The yellow bodycon dress

  1. Girl……. this is one nice blog i love.. love…. love……, i have a question (smiley face), soo what are the right undergarmets to wear with a bodycon outfit?

    keep up, keep em’ coming. on my way to share.

    1. Thank you @Katie..I would recommend #woolworthskenya i bealive they have the best seamless undergarments, they would serve the right purpose on this dress.

  2. I love your blog girl, you go boss lady… I love body-con dresses and with your shape uhmm you killed it, keep them coming, i will be following you more..xoxo

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