More often than not, I introduce myself as Wamuhu. This is swiftly succeeded by ‘what’s your English name?’ I just don’t get this vibe. This is one of my pet peeves actually. Yes, I have an English name but I choose not to use it.

Here’s why: I feel like we as Kenyans are so westernized, in a bad way.

In a way that shows we’re so hungry to embrace western culture and neglect our own on a whim. I once had a conversation with a friend about naming a child. She was of the opinion that her child would bear two English names. Her school of thought you ask? Using tribe or culture-specific names is so tribal. Okay. Tribalism is probably just that but well there is a difference. 

This reminds me of my experience at the Hub Karen some time back.  At the check-in point, there was a white lady carrying quite the luggage. The guard did not make an effort to check her handbag. I kid you not! I was right behind her and the guard made me empty even the tiniest of bags I had with me. I know she was just doing her job but yoh! White privilege was strong in that one. 

We’ve had this long term obsession of babes wanting to date white men. I’m tempted to think it’s out of desperation. I dunno. 

Dress up in anticipation of a fun Friday night out in an expensive hotel to chase the white man while you clearly know you can’t afford a second drink. Not judging but what happens if you don’t get lucky and you’re in your last sip? You don that 22-inch human hair, 6-inch heels and oooh they like them very slender. If you have the energy to make sure you starve yourself of any fat, am rooting for you. ‘Get a white man’.  I’ve heard it before. This stereotyping is plain annoying at times. Never say never, but let’s meet in a decent way which doesn’t involve me freezing over or breaking my legs walking in heels that are clearly a burden to make the chase.

We’ve had some go to the extremities of bleaching their skin to come off as ‘more acceptable’ Methinks if we could love ourselves a little bit more we would never have to seek validation others. 

I wish people would get how some of them think we are dumb. Seriously. I am being all blunt and raw, no flowery Snapchat filters today. I think we do give them the power to look down on us. White saviour mentality maybe? I don’t know where this is headed but I needed to get this off my chest. Be the change you want to see in the world they say.  Know your value, then add tax! Period!



  1. Wow what a read. But I feel sometimes we cant ignore being Westernized. Look at the way we dress , look at how we have adopted the Western lifestyle .From our houses , education system to the food we eat. Can we really ignore being Westernized?

    • wamuhu Reply

      We can’t ignore yes.
      But my school of thought is that we are so hungry
      to copy-paste at times. Lol

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