Hey gang! How’s your day going? I hope I just woke you up with this post LOL. These are obviously delusional thoughts of yours truly. All I’m the mood for right now is some ‘staycation R&R’. In my sweats in bed but you know what, money doesn’t just make itself! You need to get you’re a** outa your comfort zone (read bed and couch) and go after your dreams, and maybe money. Is it just me or the rains seems like a modern re-invention of the Bible plagues? Maybe I’m being overdramatic. Adulting is hard. To any youngins  outchea, don’t grow up. IT.IS.A.TRAP.

The weather ain’t getting any better but this has been a good thing on my mojo lately. There’s just so much inspiration on how to keep warm this season. A plethora of ideas-if I do say so myself. I decided to go back to the basics (the good kind) on today’s post- just black and white. The most basic colours we all have in our closets. Pairing these two up don’t need to be drab.

I happen to get my hands on these uber chic wide-legged pants with some charming tribal detail. When they said the ‘devil is in the detail’, I think this is what they meant. So darn irresistible. Some may call these palazzo pants. I’ll let you in on a secret though if you get to wear these pants in this weather, make sure the length is right. Nothing too long as getting wet would probably be on your to-do list lol.

In addition to the length, I absolutely obsessed with the facts that these pants have that elegant look that blends in oh so perfectly with my matte black jacket. Everything is just right with this coat. I feel like if I pushed it hard enough, it would actually solve the drainage mess we’re experiencing. I mean, just look at it. Maybe life can emulate this jacket and be just straight, simple, classy, fitting, and respectful. LOL. I kid, but you get where I’m going with this, no?

Onto the fun, easy and light section. That’s how I describe this bralette. Looks super casual but it feels high fashion and dressy! Maybe you have work during the day. Maybe you don’t get to walk around with just a bralette because, dress code and what not. This is what I think you should do honey. Stay warm and light during the day and lose that jacket in the evening for that fun dance. Or hang out with friends. Feels like unleashing your inner ‘dragons’, right? This ensemble looks and feels fiery. And fire is a good thing. When it comes to fashion at least.

Lastly, blind those ‘haters’ with minimal accessories and make-up. A bedazzled pair of pumps won’t hurt anyone though.

How do you style your Palazzo aka wide legged pants in this season? Feel free to indulge me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Wamuhu.

Trenchcoat- Thrifted

Pallazzo pants- Vivo Activewear

Pumps- Shoestruckke

Photo credits- RoyalReel Photography

Makeup by ME!!



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