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Wassup yáll?

 Hope you’re keeping it mighty cute and warm. Happy new month btw, I know its only four days into the month and am having some drama. Let’s interact 

  • On Monday. A lady came by the store asked if my colleague was in, my answer was no since I was working alone. She went ahead and described her ”I am looking for your colleague, I met her in the lady’s room yesterday, she had a long human weave, her face was all glam with makeup, does she work here?” I run back to my memory, I started thinking maybe she was in the wrong store because none of my colleagues is apparently wearing a weave, except me. She keenly looked at me and doubly asked, “Was it you?” I can’t ring a bell what she’s talking about. She now comes closer and tells me, you look so different without makeup. “Maybe you should minimize” I was offended. Rolls eyes. Point is I mostly get lots of people who ask, how many “HOURS” do I spend on my mirror. My answer? If you care about how you look, you’ll take your time. #noffence.

  • On Tuesday. Uber has been a life-saving app, they currently have a 40% discount on their rides. Whats life without discounts? Yesterday I requested one, from my mum’s place to my destination. The guy was professional, was keen on instructions and all, until we started the trip and he went from speed 60 to 100, and just like that we hit a dog which came out of nowhere. Poor dog. I only imagined if it was my sister’s dog, we could have sued that mutherf**ker. Do pets actually have rights?? Just wondering?? I’ll ask my lawyer friend. To be totally honest, I didn’t feel safe anymore. To make it worse, he still kept it at speed 100 now going to 120 when we got to the highway. I buckled up coming to my senses. I got home safe within 10minutes paid KSH 250 but I didn’t enjoy my ride, I kept wondering if I would make it home, but thank God I did. How should I rate that guy? Any clue guys??

  • On Wednesday. The salary hits my account and I am already going through Instagram posts shopping for new shoes online. Guys, I think I need help because I can’t seem to have enough shoes. But shopping is therapeutic for me. Lol. Feels good when you wear new shoes right? Head up high. With this shopping mode activated, I barely think that salo will last till end month. LOL Who can relate?

In general. I don’t explore enough with my clothes simply because we have a uniform at work, I am always in black. I have a collection of bright colours in my wardrobe, but I can’t wear them unless am off duty or when am going to sleep #shaade. I don’t have anything against uniforms, that just shows you how MY life revolves around work. Forgive my two cents. But can you relate? But all in all, remain stylish. ALWAYS.

As I finish writing this post, am listening to Michael Buble song- Feeling good

Birds flying high- you know how I feel,

 Sun and the sky- you know how I feel,

Breeze drifting on by – you know how I feel,

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day its a new life for me…. and am feeling good

Lots of love,


Makeup – Facefab

Hair -Ketrays Lush Hair

Tassel earrings – Mrp

Top- Thrifted

Jeans- Thrifted

Thigh high boots- Backyard Shoes

Photo credits –http://www.royalreelphotography.co.ke


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  1. Rose Wanyoike says:

    Girl you look amazing! The outfits are dopiest

    1. wamuhu says:

      Thank you, Rose.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Looking gorgeous as always girl. So loving the look.

    1. wamuhu says:

      Thank you, Jacky

  3. Sharon says:

    Those bostsvare everything!

    1. wamuhu says:

      Thank you Sharon.

  4. Sheila says:


    1. wamuhu says:


  5. Chris Prince says:

    I love your work. The pictures are dope too.. which hotel is this??

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