Seven simple ways to effortlessly look stylish

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Wassup good people! How are the rains taking you? Keeping warm and stylish, I hope?

Life does get busy. It’s always happening one way or another. Consequently, we find ourselves not being as groomed or trendy enough. Looking stylish is quite elusive if we’re totally honest. And it’s also personal as we have our individual preferences. What makes one woman feel stylish may not feel organic to another, it’s all about what makes you feel and look comfortable when it comes to looking effortless.


Here are some of the pointers I’ve deemed quite handy over time:

  • Love your basics. First of all, define the basics you need for your lifestyle. I.e if you want to be effortlessly stylish, always base your outfit on basics like white tees. They really come in handy when paired with faded denim. If you feel confident in any piece of clothing you own, you’ll always look pulled together.
  • Mix and match. Unless you work in a conservative work environment where you just do suits. Always mix and match, play with colours. They have the ability to switch up your mood. Or simply just wear a two piece and you’re ready to face whatever the day throws at you.
  • Personalize and accessorize. It really helps to create an effortless style that’s just unique to you. More often than not, I always find myself throwing a necklace with my simple outfit and that’s how personal it gets. If your an accessories person, simply throw on a scarf not forgetting a nice watch just to keep that time on a check.

  • Make every day a good hair day. When your hair is on fleek, your whole look changes. Please, ladies, don’t let your hair go on for 4 weeks, we all know how smelly it can get with this Nairobi weather. This is where I say ‘you are your hair’. Keep it clean and neat.

  • Don’t try too hard. You don’t want to attract attention this way. Maybe walking or staying on heels for hours ain’t your forte. That’s totally fine hunnie. Just remember to always carry some flat shoes in your handbag. Comfort is everything. Plus you don’t have to go for all the trendy stuff. Keep it simple and classy. This also applies to the length of your outfits, how fitting they are and what not.

  • Your shoes can either make or break your outfit. I’m sure this has been said more than enough times. Settle on an ideal pair(S) wisely. If finding the right shoe is a tad difficult, you can never go wrong with a black shoe, or nude shoes will do the trick.

  • Lastly hunnies a little mani-pedi always goes a long mile. If you choose not to do that though, always keep your nails clean and short. It works for so many people. Most importantly, smell nice or not at all (i.e no sweat lol). what’s an outfit without a good face beat? Pro tip: keep it natural, realistic and simple.

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  1. Dalene says:

    Hi gorgeous,
    I totally agree that it’s important to define one’s style. This will help when it comes to embracing the basic an even playing around with colors. We know that not all can be whimsical while others embrace pastels and nudes. And again, a strong shoe game is vital in elevating a look instantly.

    1. wamuhu says:

      Thanks, Dalene.

  2. Gladys says:

    I love it 😍😍😍😍

    1. wamuhu says:

      Am glad you love it.

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Wow! I love this

  4. Kui Kinyanjui says:

    II always admire your work dear….
    always on point swee….

  5. Sheyshey says:


    1. wamuhu says:


  6. shelly says:

    Good job. you deserve a 🏅

  7. Edith says:

    Go on girl❤️

    1. wamuhu says:


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