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Hey there my good people! How are you holding up? I hope you’ve been keeping it warm and stylish. I know I am. This cold season has been quite something else, huh? In other warmer news though, time sure does fly. This blogging journey has been quite so surreal to say least. Last year a time like this, my dream of blogging came to fruition. It’s been a year since then and I wouldn’t have made this far without tremendous support from you lovelies, and of course, putting in the work.

Sometimes I think I make it look so easy but to be thoroughly honest, that’s just for optics. For reals though, blogging is not all glam, especially when you have a full-time job and you have to strike a balance between the two. My passion and enthusiasm for fashion has triumphed the obstacles and kept me going. I guess love conquers all, right?



This is probably a good time to share some of the pitfalls I’ve encountered throughout the year:

  • Good content As a blogger, it is expected of you to put out good content in order to build a community and get that audience glued. The challenge comes in where you experience what we might term as ‘creative block’. But with time and practice, I have learnt to work ahead of time and plan my monthly content. Good planning is key.
  • Consistency is key. I have not posted on my website for a while. WHY?? because life and its distractions seem to get in the way at times. Not churning out content consistently has a lot of consequences because your insights tend to go down and you have to start all over again. But I have learnt to take it a day at a time. Pick up your pieces and walk with your head held up high. 
  • LocationsMany of the times I have been asked if I live abroad lol. I was even forced to put a Kenyan flag on my insta bio. Can you believe that? The reason, the locations I use for my shoots are just too awesome (read, too awesome to be Kenyan SMH. So I have to prove that they are local). Give credit where it’s due right? But they don’t come easy as well, getting a person to allow you take photos at their location is not easy and at times, a ransom is asked. Things bloggers do just to get a good picture. Now you know.
  • Haters and bad comments. Show me a successful blogger without critics and haters and I’ll show you a flying hippo. Not a chance, aye? I once had a male activist who wrote a nasty article about me. What got me more was how ready keyboard warriors are ready to tear you apart. In this social media space, everybody always has something to say. In this game, I have learnt to develop a thick skin and give myself a tap on the shoulder because, by the end of the day, you can never be everything to everyone. 


I think the question of the year was: ”Does blogging actually pay?” This just made me understand that most people don’t understand the concept of blogging or what blogging involves. To try and answer your question: blogging is like planting a flower seed, you have to water the seeds until it becomes an actual plant and sprout flowers. Lol, I just came up with that but its relatable. If you start out blogging from day 1 to make money, you’ll be absolutely disappointed. That takes a while.


Btw if you ever bump into me at Mkulima supermarket with baggy sweatshirts and stockings on my head. Sis, I’m in that moment, don’t judge. LOL. But most of all I got nothing but love for Y’all. Thank you so much for the love and support. If you ever think of starting something, do in now because later becomes never. XOXO

Cheers to many more years!!! This is just the beginning.


Makeup- Facefab

Hair- Ketrays Lush Hair

Tassel Earrings – Mr price

Raffle top- From my collection

Strappy shoes- Mr price

Basic pencil skirt-

Photo credits –

Location –

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  1. Dalene Ekirapa says:

    Oh gorgeous! I love how you look… absolutely stunning!
    And I just love how you play it real😂…about the sweats thing and blabla but well, that just happens girl.
    Anyway, you’ve said it all. It might seem easy and awesome but it requires so much more; what i tend to ignore at times but planning, consistency and staying motivated always pays off, right?

    1. wamuhu says:

      Yes, I said it all, I never went to the school of blogging, but most importantly, love what you do. Thanks anyway,

  2. kasherry says:

    Your Comment *Go go girl.happy first year..

    1. wamuhu says:

      Thank you Njeri, cheers to many more!!!

  3. ian says:


    1. wamuhu says:

      Thanks, Ian.

  4. Harun says:

    😍😍Nothing but love for what you do… Hold it down 🙏✍️

    1. wamuhu says:

      Nothing but love Harun.

  5. Serah says:

    No chills at all love the content beautiful as always.

    1. Serah says:

      At time the haters are the biggest funs lol!!!trucking you every step .I have seen the growth from the writing to the outfit ,makeup in short its one yr but the change is being seen.always put God first.💕💞💞💞👍👍👍💰💰

      1. wamuhu says:

        Thank you Serah, your right, haters are our biggest fan lol. God first always.

    2. wamuhu says:

      Thank you for being my biggest cheerleader.

  6. Susan says:

    Love the look keep going girl

    1. wamuhu says:

      Thank you, Susan.

  7. Jacqueline says:

    You look adorable girl. As always you are steps ahead on what’s trending. You a real fashion genius and fab guru.

    1. wamuhu says:

      That’s so sweet of you, you’ve always been my ardent reader. Thank you.

  8. Sharon says:

    Thnx for sharing. Blogging is definitely not a walk in the park like I thought it would be. But you right it’s like watering a plant..

    1. wamuhu says:

      Your welcome dear, all you have to do is keep pushing.

  9. Faith Muia says:

    Happy first anniversary to your blog. Always been your fan since day one.

    1. wamuhu says:

      Thank you so much, most appreciated.

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